Intra-oral Scanning :

Our intra-oral scanning service by trained dental executives completely does away with impression-taking methods of old, making for a hassle-free experience & also help in digitization of clinical records.

Delivery :

We deliver your patients’ aligners, within five days of finalizing the plan. The advantage of being located in Mumbai, India allows for this very patient-friendly facet of Flash, stand out.

High Quality Aligners :

Our aligners adhere to the highest standards of quality with a build-accuracy of a remarkable 16 microns! No striations in the 3D printed model ensure excellence of aligner quality.

Completely Customized :

Our in-house orthodontic team formulates the treatment plan with your final approval leading to completely customized user experience.

Inventory Management :

Your patients’ aligners are delivered to you in phases further divided into sub-phases of ten uppers and lowers helping you avoid overstocking of aligners or wastage of material.

Replacement of Broken or Lost Aligners :

In case of lost or damaged aligners, we ensure a replacement set is delivered within five days.